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Are there screws included?
Yes, each pull comes with 2 screws. And each knob comes with 1 screw. Screws fit most standard cabinet doors.
Is the price per piece or for pairs?
Prices are for single items. Please read the product description carefully before ordering.
How do I interpret the measurements on your website?
Our descriptions include measurements in mm and/or inches.

For pulls we provide center to center measurements as well as overall length in inches.

The center to center (C-C) measurement is where the screws go.

If you don't see a measurement that you need to make a decision, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide additional measurements and/or pictures.

How do you install your hardware?
We recommend using a cabinet hardware installation jig/template so that all pulls and/or knobs are installed level on your cabinets.

For new installations, pre-drilling holes is recommended.

Tightening of screws should be done manually with a screwdriver to avoid over-tightening or stripping the screws or hardware.

Do you offer samples?
Yes! We have just a samples program.

You will be able to select the sample directly from the samples product page at a discount. The sample is a like-new open box item, not in original packaging.

You will be charged $7.00-$11 for shipping at checkout, depending on weight. This includes a return shipping label.

If the sample is returned within 14 days of receiving the sample, you will be refunded the cost of the sample. No refunds on the shipping charges.

If you choose to keep the sample past 14 days after receipt, no refund for the cost of the sample or the shipping will be applied.

If you select more than 1 sample of the same product at checkout, we will contact you to correct the order before processing it.

Each product is limited to 1 sample.

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