Differences between handmade and machine-produced hardware

Differences between handmade and machine-produced hardware

Have you ever thought about handmade versus machine made hardware? It seems obvious,  one piece of hardware is made by machinery, while the other’s made by hand. But there’s a lot more to it, especially what final look & feel each production method achieves.

The shape, size, finish, and overall hardware design should add character and personality to a space and create a first impression that wows. Deciding to buy handmade or machine-produced hardware will make a world of difference to each of these characteristics. 

Let’s explore the difference between making things by hand versus making them by machine.

About Handmade products

HandmadeWe have to admit. Handmade products are really appealing!

#1 Attention to detail

With handmade hardware, every step of the process is handled with the utmost attention to detail to ensure the perfect outcome of your bespoke order. In this way, the maker adds charm and character to the product.

# 2 Uniqueness

The uniqueness of each piece that comes out of the hands of an artisan aredtails machines cannot replicate. With handmade hardware, the creator’s soul makes each piece personal and relates with the artisan who made it. It provides that sensation of having something very personal in your hands.

Advantages of Handmade

  • Each piece is unique
  • Pieces can feel like a work of art
  • Character is infused into every piece

Disadvantages of Handmade

  • Pieces will not always match perfectly
  • Costs are typically higher
  • Quantities may be limited
  • Imperfections are more common

About Machine-Made products

Machine-madeThey’re quite the comfort! 

#1 Price 

The materials involved with machine-produced hardware have to be suitable for machine manufacturing and with scale comes lower manufacturing costs. As a result, good designs become accessible to more people.

#2 Reassurance and Predictability 

Machine-made hardware provides precision, predictability, and reassurance. The workmen know what they are dealing with, as they’ve likely made thousands of them. You get exactly what you’re expecting when you set out to buy machine-made hardware.

Advantages of Machine-made

  • Pieces are very uniform
  • Angles and lines tend to me more precise
  • Costs can be lower

Disadvantages of Machine-made

  • Pieces have less individual character
  • Designs may have artistic limits
  • Hardware tends to feel less organic

Best of Both Worlds?

Within the same design project, our clients frequently blend handcrafted and machine-made pieces. This option allows for the best of both worlds at a reasonable price. Shop machine-made, handmade, or both types of hardware for your home now!