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Customization Inquiry

Looking for something very specific?

See something on Inspire Hardware that looks great but you need a different size?

We are able to customize a lot of what we offer on the site. We can typically customize material, finish, size, other small design details.


Submit a customization inquiry with some basic information to get the conversation going.


In order to get you the best information about options, please fill in the information as thoroughly as you can. We completely understand that the design process can change as things evolve. 


 If you need help with decisions, we're here to offer a lending hand as well!
Please keep in mind we do our best to customize orders quickly, but development time usually takes approximately 6 weeks from the time the order is paid for, to when the order is ready to ship from Seattle.
This is due to the process of developing prototypes, manufacturing the items (usually by hand), and then applying the desired finish by our expert finishers. 



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