How to Select the Right Size Cabinet Pulls for your Cabinets

How to Select the Right Size Cabinet Pulls for your Cabinets

When renovating or building your dream kitchen, it's easy to forget to plan your cabinet pulls.

Cabinet pulls can make a significant impact on your kitchen, so it's important you make them part of your vision. There are no hard and fast rules of what is right and wrong. But, there are some general guidelines for ensuring the best pull sizes for your layout. 

 Cabinet Pulls

Pull Sizes

Pull sizing may be challenging. There are endless size and configuration choices available. Standard cabinet pull sizes range from 1 inch to over 20 inches! How to choose the perfect size? 

Smaller-sized Cabinets 

For smaller-sized cabinets, 3 to 8-inch long pulls are typically the right size! 

Medium-sized Cabinets 

Medium size cabinets are 30” to 36” wide. Pulls that are 5 to 12 inches long are often a good choice, depending on the overall look you’re going for.

Larger Cabinets

On larger cabinets, instead of utilizing two pulls, why not try a single pull that is longer! This may provide a more modern appearance while also making it easier to use your drawers. 

A good rule of thumb is to use a pull that is roughly 1/3 the length of the drawer. Single pulls 9 inches to over 18 inches can often look the most proportionate on larger doors and drawers.

Consistent Size Throughout

While some designs like to mix it up, choosing a single size and sticking with it for all your cabinets is a common approach. We recommend using pulls with at least a 5” distance from center to center between the screw holes. This size complements most cabinets while being large enough to comfortably grip the handles.  

Looking For Cabinet Pulls For Your Kitchen or Bathroom? 

We know how much of a difference the right cabinet pulls can make! Choosing the perfect size pulls is critical for any cabinet design. Check out some of our pulls for your kitchen, bathroom, built-ins, bars, and more! 

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